The Radio Tower Signal Infection

by LUU_ZN.EXE infected by ROTTEEN.DM

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This track is basically a way for me to start creating my own beats, notes and chords. As well as learn a bit more about sound engineering.

Part of this track is actually from "Funny Bastard on the Radio Tower" by Rotteen from Halley Labs.
Well... The first part at least. I tried copying the notes off from my head. This way I would get used to laying down notes without a problem in the future.

The name of the song is inspired by the track as well.

The gear was infected by this unknown signal from a radio tower while I was learning to do some tracks and genres then this mysterious signal reached my station. Apparently, I was just Rotteen messing around the radio tower. Instead of trashing the track away, I just decided to dump a part of if and see if I could use it as a learning tool instead.

Originally, this track was going to be longer with at least 3 parts of track locking in at 4 minutes and called "Infection of Imitation".
But I decided to cut it off for now as it was sounding fine at it is and I'd rather move on to another track than stay.

I will return to this track though sometime in the future.

Signing out for now.
- Lucyn Augur l'Heart

P.S. Kudos for the Halley Labs Associates for giving me some drive to learn more. Thanks!
Especially when learning how you guys utilized some of your gear.


released June 18, 2016
produced by lucyn
Funny Bastard on the Radio Tower by Rotteen @ HALLEY LABS



all rights reserved


Lucyn Augur l'Heart Baguio, Philippines

a learning artist, leaning towards the style of the HLA from HALLEY LABS.

still finding my own genre.

all illustration so far is made by me.

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